FOVAL GEL Ants Triangular

Product description

FOVAL GEL ANTS TRAP TRIANGULAR is a ready to use product containing a specific insecticide gel for each type of ant that is fed with sugar .It is designed to offer total efficiency in the control of ants both outdoor and indoor. Its particular shape has been designed to be placed more easily along the paths of the ants, close to the walls and in the corners.


FOVAL GEL ANTS TRAP effective action must be manifested within the colony after the worker ants have carried and spread within the colony itself: it is therefore important to improve food exchange among the ants. FOVAL GEL ANTS has in fact a delayed lethal effect, by acting in the space of a few hours. The worker ants have thus the time required to carry the bait back to the nest and deploy to other workers feeding so the larvae and the queen: eliminating the queen the colony dies out.

Time of application

Apply when you have the presence of ants , content 0,01 g Imidacloprid

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