CAS 68891-38-3

Product description

good grease and soil dispersing capacity. Good cleansing by combining with strong wetting agent (alkylaryl sulphonate or a secondary alkane sulphonate). miscible with anionic and nonionic surfactants. very good skin tolerability by combining with mild Co-Surfactants. Feel, lustre and manageability for the hair . Possible to incorporate raw materials with pearl and silk lustre effects.

foaming in hard water is noteworthy, Because of its excellent lime soap dispersing capacity it is preferred for the manufacture of bubble bath preparations. With hard water, a light film of dispersed lime soaps may form in the end product. Unique rheological behaviour.

Aqueous solutions of salt-free ether sulphates have only very low viscosity which strongly increases if a small amount of electrolyte is added. This allows solutions with low synthetic active agent concentrations but having high viscosities to be produced.