Product description

Compliance to the EU Cosmetic Regulation is a key consideration for hair dye formulators when developing shades for the European hair colorant market. All hair dyes must be reviewed and approved as safe for use before being listed on Annex III of the Regulation. A safety assessor will look for this approval and the corresponding positive SCCS Opinion to help determine whether a product is safe to be placed onto the market.

For those formulators who may be nervous to include dyes not yet listed on Annex III, a range of EU compliant blends has been developed to offer alternative solutions which can be used to produce a variety of colours from blue to brown to deep black.

Jarocol Chestnut Brown is easy to use and has excellent solubility characteristics, stable in both acidic and alkaline conditions it can be used in temporary and semi permanent formulations as an alternative to Jarocol Mahogany.