Haisugarcane BG

CAS 107-88-0
INCI Butylene Glycol
EC 203-529-7

Product description

Haisugarcane BG is the vegetable version of 1,3-Butylene Glycol, as it is derived from sugarcane. It is being used as a solvent in a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products. Haisugarcane BG can be used as an antibacterial activity equivalent for Propylene Glycol of petroleum origin. It undergoes a high purification process in order to improve odor feature.

The use of Haisugarcane BG has many advantages. It prevents cosmetics from dying out and the crystallization of insoluble components. It also helps solubilizing aqueous insoluble ingredients and stabilizes volatile compounds. Haisugarcane BG contributes to the preservation of products against spoiling and it increases the efficacy of preservatives mixed into formulation.



Stored under dry, well ventilated conditions in full tightly closed containers. Recommended storage temperature is 15 to 25°C. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

Minimum shelf life of 3 years under appropriate conditions of storage.