Product description

Goltix 90 WG is an ultradispersible, selective herbicide for beet crops in pre-emergence and post emergence. Absorbed by the roots and foliage of weeds, it works by inhibiting photosynthesis, making it a versatile root and leaf product. Applied in pre-emergence, it provides a first clean up against the most difficult weeds, in post harvest it is also effective against the main dicotyledonous present in sugar beet. Finally, it is also effective against annual grasses. With its concentrated formulation, Goltix 90 WG is easy to store.


Goltix 90 WG contains 900 g/kg Metamitron in a Water Dispersable Granule (WG) type formulation.


Goltix 90 WG is applied against Broad Leave Weeds in Sugar Beet

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