Product description

CARGO 3 GB is a molluscicide granular bait based on Metaldehyde, effective against all types of snails, slugs and gastropods that infest crops (field crops, vegetables, gardens and ornamental crops). It does not give off dust when it is handled. It is attractive and appetizing, ensuring the absorption of a lethal amount of active ingredient. CARGO 3 GB is very resistant to precipitation and disintegration and therefore has a long persistence of action (2-3 weeks). CARGO 3 GB contains a bittering agent that prevents the ingestion of granules by mammals and birds.


Cargo 3 GB contains 30 g/kg Metaldehyde, in a Granular Bait (GB) formulation


Cargo 3 GB is apllied in all types of crops against Snails, Slugs and Gastropods.