Product description

Arbokol Copper can be used on all plants, trees, shrubs, to protect several diseases (cutting, pruning, atmospheric agents, etc.). Thanks to the presence of Copper, the product can count on a high beneficial power. Once applied Arbokol Copper, it will form a thin film that will protect without breaking the treated part of the shaft. It consists in a polyvalent product that combines the characteristics of the mastic to the beneficial effect of Copper. It is the ideal product to use in hobby farming but also professional agriculture.


Make grafting operation preferably during warmer months . Use suitable and well sharp knives. Do it when sunlight are less direct or preferably in the evening. Make a solid binding. Spread carefully the wax to avoid scion dehydration. Protect carefully grafts from sunlight with shading nets, jute canvases. Do not use it during raining weather. If the product is washed away, repeat the treatment. Large pruning cuts should be inclined and as smooth as possible to avoid water retention.


product is free from registration in EU