Product description

AKOBY 500 SC is a concentrated strobilurin type fungicide with excellent protectant, curative and eradicant activity which controls a wide range of fungi including leaf and fruit scab in apples leading to an increase in the production of quality fruits (excellent fruit finish, no rusting). When it is used for control of apple scab a reduction of apple powdery mildew may also be obtained. AKOBY 500 SC is not affected by temperature fluctuations, and can be used in hot conditions, displays excellent crop tolerance, shows low hazard to non-target organisms (suits IPM) and has excellent rainfast and residual characteristics giving a long lasting disease control


Akoby 500 SC contains 500 g/l Kresoxim-Methyl in a Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation


Akoby 500 SC is applied against Scab in Apple