Product description

Performance eyewear customers demand the highest visual acuity in addition to fundamental eye protection.  Epolin has developed custom high contrast Epolight® dyes that eliminate visual “noise” and make colors “pop” for improved perception during competitive sports and leisure activities. Our dyes have demonstrated solubility, suitability and stability in impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and are available in a range of colors.  We can support attainment of each transmittance category within EN 1836:2005.  We also offer HEV blue light filter solutions to reduce eye strain, headaches and sleep issues. As Epolin is innovation driven, our R&D group is constantly developing novel dyes that may not be captured in this list.  Please reach out to us to see if there is a superior product solution for your application.

EpolightLens ColorUV transmittanceVisible light TransmittanceNIR transmittance
Epolight 7530Grey0%25%23%
Epolight 7539Bronze0%12%2%
Epolight 7374Green0%14%1%