Product description

High Energy Visible (HEV) light is the violet-blue radiation from 380-500 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the section of light closest to UV (ultra violet) light radiation.

Previously only the Sun emitted HEV light. However, now we are bombarded with HEV light from LED high-intensity street lights, strong blue fluorescent lighting, computer screens and many types of digital electronic devices.

Exposure to HEV light, sometimes called “blue light” or just “HEV”, is linked to cataracts and retinal conditions such as macular degeneration. Exposure to blue light can cause visual fatigue, digital eye strain and circadian rhythm sleep disturbance.

Epolin offers several dyes which effectively absorb HEV light. These dyes are sometimes called “blue blockers”. They can be used alone or combined with UV absorbers and other visible dyes for a tailored sun lens or filter formulation.

EpolightAbsorbance peak, nm
Epolight 5663400
Epolight 5851426
Epolight 7830433
Epolight 5852439
Epolight 5853441
Epolight 5854442
Epolight 5843444
Epolight 5010450
Epolight 7829458
Epolight 5841498