Aako MGDA 3Na 40%

CAS 164462-16-2

Product description

Aako MGDA 3Na 40% is an aqueous solution of an amino acid based natural chelating agent. It is highly effective at low concentrations of water at a very wide acidic and alkaline pH range. MGDA 3Na 40% is readily biodegradable and can be considered as one of the most environmentally friendly chelators without compromising product performance.

Aako MGDA 3Na 40% is also known under the names Trilon M, Dissolvine M40. 



  • biodegradable & non toxic
  • Scale prevention and removal
  • Improves the bleaching process
  • Produced from natural amino acid Alanine


Chemical structure

Chemical structure of MGDA


Packaging & Storage

Aako MGDA 3Na 40% is available in the following packaging type:

  • Metal drum of 250 kg
  • IBC plastic drum of 1250 kg
  • ISOTANKS of 25 MT

Must been stored under dry, cool conditions in tightly closed containers. Has a shelf life of at least 2 years under appropriate conditions of storage.



  • Industrial & Institutional cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Car & truck cleaning
  • Automatic dish wash