Bioxan T70

CAS 59-02-9 / 16698-35-4 / 54-28-4 / 119-13-1
EINECS 200-412-2 / 240-747-1 / 200-201-5 / 204-299-0

Product description

Natural Mixed Tocopherols concentrate from NON-GMO vegetable oil. Natural antioxidant specially appropriate for cosmetics, specialty and essential oils, providing moisturization, acting as an anti-aging agent by blocking free radicals, and having anti-inflammatory activity.

It has been shown to maintain cellular structure, and to improve micro-circulation of the skin, maintains natural skin moisture and elasticity, and has been observed to aid in dermal anti-inflammatory action.

As antioxidant agent the recommended dosage is 0,02-0,03% regarding the fat contents.

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