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UV coatings

UV coating technology offers advantages over conventional coating systems where it concerns gloss, clarity and abrasion resistance. It is an environmentally friendly technology as it is solvent free and thus VOC free. Dispersing additives are an important part of UV coating formulations and attribute to the performance of the final coating.

We have developed dispersants that are especially suitable for UV coatings and ink applications. These products are 100% active and feature universal performance.

A common challenge in UV systems is the compatibility of the additives with the acrylate monomers and oligomers as incompatibility causes unwanted thixotropic behaviour. The TiloSperse grades indicated in the table below are our recommendations for UV systems and are aimed at dealing with these challenges.

TiO2 Universal Monomer based
TiloSperse 7003 TiloSperse 7009 TiloSperse 7390
  TiloSperse 7000  


For UV formulations that require additional levelling, improved substrate wetting or increased gloss, we recommend using Tilo-L 7000.

As a defoamer we recommend using Tilo-F 7000. Both products can be used simultaneously and in combination with the aforementioned dispersing additives.


Defoamers Levelling
Tilo-F 7000 Tilo-L 7000
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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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