Our new colleague at AAKO Cosmetics

Our new colleague Yentl Fennema has been employed by AAKO for over exactly one month now. In October she graduated from the Hogeschool in Nijmegen, where she followed the Food and Business course. A study program with three specializations; product development, quality management and marketing & sales. Yentl graduated in marketing & sales, with a focus on the food sector.

After graduating, Yentl was ready for a serious, challenging, full-time job. She found it at AAKO. She says: “As a Sales Executive for the Cosmetics department at AAKO I can share my knowledge and learn a lot. The function is very diverse. I’m still in my training period, which means that I’m still very busy mastering the logistical processes. I want to learn everything about purchasing, sales and everything in between.”

“The most enjoyable part is that I am in frequent contact with customers, suppliers and transporters. When I am trained, I will get my own customers and I will take on more commercial tasks. So I definitely have a social job!”

“I don’t know many of AAKO’s products yet, so my chemical knowledge definitely needs to be improved. I get plenty of time to learn about that. My colleagues support me in this, so the knowledge of chemistry becomes much more familiar in a short time. And if I don’t know something, there is always someone in the office who makes time for me to support me. In short: I feel very welcome here!”