Our challenge: anticipating the future with Crop Protection

We respond to the needs of the market with our Crop Protection department. For this, we maintain close contact with our suppliers and distributors. We receive important signals from the end users through the local distributors. This also applies to growers in North Africa who are confronted with various challenges over which they have no influence. With our products we try to support the grower in the challenges they face.

Agriculture of food crops, on which the local population lives, is dependent on the availability of water that is replenished by rain. Important food crops in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria are wheat, sugar beet, potatoes, and rice. Intensive crops such as vegetables, small fruit, citrus fruits, grapes, mango and date palm from Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia destined for export also depend on the availability of water.

Problems surrounding water reserves
Due to the increasing extremes in temperatures and irregular rainfall, especially in the winter period, the water consumption by agriculture and the population is hardly replenished. It can no longer even be compensated by the current dam capacity. All this affects the cultivation. Obviously, because irrigation is necessary for growth, but also because dry conditions give expression to other types of pests and diseases. Fortunately, AAKO Crop Protection offers a wide portfolio of products to respond to pests that suit different climate conditions. In addition, distributors in an ‘integrated pest management’ program can also emphasize on increasing the resilience of the crops in different circumstances.

Problems in the world
Local drought, but also rising production costs and transport problems have consequences for all agrochemical distribution channels. By means of good planning and coordination with the customer, we try to operate as well as possible in the current market. In addition, trends and regulations in the North African countries are subject to change, following developments in Europe. Green and sustainable production are becoming increasingly important, which also requires new solutions in crop protection products. Of course, we are constantly innovating these developments, we want to offer growers new solutions for pest and disease control. The food chain, especially in exporting countries, requires organic farming.

Anticipating trends in crop protection
The trend is continuing and we are therefore anticipating this in the near future. How? For now, we’ll keep that to ourselves. Soon we will share more about this on our website. Keep an eye on this and our socials.