Optical brighteners without worries

Strongly fluctuating prices for the raw materials of DMS-X and suppliers that stop their business.  These are not unknown problems and have made the already turbulent detergent market even more insecure. AAKO has proven to be a reliable supplier in the past year. Just like the last decades.

We have noticed that many of our customers are unnecessarily worried about the delivery of DMS-X. AAKO has sufficient inventory and access to the production of this vital raw material for detergents. We manage any insecurity in supply and always keep our commitments to our customers. AAKO is able to respond quickly to any need, without compromising on quality. This is our daily ritual and we like to call it ‘Chemical Excellence’.

Do you want to take control over your DMS-X supplies? We are happy to help you! Request your sample of AAKO Briljant HC or AAKO Briljant HW now. Get in touch with our detergents team via

T: +31 (0)33 494 84 94

E: detergents@aako.nl