Once again awarded the Ecovadis Platinum Medal

We’ll get straight to the point! We are proud to announce that we have again been awarded a Platinum Medal by Ecovadis this year. We are especially proud, because the assessment gets stricter every year. The requirements for getting awarded a Platinum Medal are getting higher and higher!

Ecovadis’ mission is to reliably assess companies’ sustainability performance by providing them with comprehensive feedback, benchmarking and tools to embark on a journey of continuous improvement. For AAKO, the Ecovadis platform is therefore also a motivation to work hard on the following priorities:

  1. Environment (AAKO score: 90%)
  2. Labor and Human Rights (AAKO score: 80%)
  3. Ethics (AAKO score: 80%)
  4. Sustainable Procurement (AAKO score: 70%)

The scores we have achieved on the above elements can be seen in an overview we received from EcoVadis.

That is where we score the highest! No less than 90% and that is because, for example, quality management and responsible care for people and the environment are an important part of Chemical Excellence for us. Our thorough and careful way of working is evident when it comes to legal requirements, risk management, policies and documentation, information provision, employee training, emergency response, continuous improvement and community interaction. And we also will ask our partners to more and more adopt in their processes this careful way of working.

And more….
In the coming weeks, we will explain how we try to improve in all Corporate Social Responsibility areas. One example is ‘supplier procurement’, where we highlight the fact that 88% of all our suppliers and stakeholders signed our Code of Conduct. Why is a Code of Conduct so important for us and our partners? Because we believe this is a journey that is relevant for all of us and together we can make an even bigger impact!