New filter with unique benefits

It’s almost summer again, which means the sun is shining brighter. The UV index rises from about 4 in May to about 8 in July. That means that rubbing in with a sun protection product is indispensable, especially in this time, to protect yourself against harmful UVA, UVB rays and blue light. AAKO has been distributing UV filters for many years, completely according to the latest developments. We recently expanded our product range with EnhanceU, a new mineral UV filter that offers even better protection compared to other mineral and chemical filters thanks to an optimal combination of non-nano particles. Why do we believe in this product? We explain it to you.

Mineral UV filters are compounds of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that block or absorb ultraviolet light from the atmosphere. One of the disadvantages of many mineral non-nano filters is that they give a white haze, which means that people apply less sun protection product and are less protected. One solution is to compose the filters with transparent nanoparticles that are smaller than 100 nanometers. However, these nanoparticles provide too little UV-A absorption and are therefore not the best solution. EnhanceU has combined the benefits of larger particles and nanoparticles in a unique non-nano filter by trapping the nanoparticles on the larger particles. Developed from the dispersion of nanoparticles and larger particles. The result is one ingredient. Suitable for sunscreen and other cosmetic products with a filter, with or without color addition.

Improvement and effectiveness of the patent technology EnhanceU
This 2nd generation, non-nano filter EnhanceU consists of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which provides UV protection against both UVA and UVB rays and blue light. The UVA absorption is no less than 0.6 of the UVB absorption. This is partly due to the high photostability of this multifunctional filter, which has an innovative, transparent texture. This texture minimizes the agglomeration of particles in the formula and allows the creation of a high SPF 50+ formulation with just one ingredient. This is further enhanced by the addition of the silica coating, which makes this filter perform even better than chemical and other mineral filters.

More multifunctionality in one ingredient
An advantage to adding this non-nano filter to a sunscreen or cosmetic product is that this filter combines several aspects in one ingredient:
– UVA protection
– UVB protection
– BL Protection
– Color (optional)
– Anti-aging
– Cosmos certified

One ingredient simplifies the production process of sunscreen and cosmetic products. It is even possible to add color pigments to the cosmetic product, without negatively affecting the filter.

Sustainability comes first
Enough advantages why we at AAKO are enthusiastic about this filter and why we have added it to our product range. An additional advantage for AAKO is the sustainability aspect; this mineral filter not only works better than other mineral and chemical filters. EnhanceU claims that these filters do not harm the reef, are free from animal ingredients and palm oil. No water or chemical solvents and little energy are used during the production process of the filters and the filter consists only of raw materials of natural origin. In short: EnhanceU is 100% natural according to ISO 16128 certification.

More information?
Would you like to know more about this mineral non-nano filter from ADP? You will find more detailed information on our website. Of course we would like to get in touch with you, then we will tell you more about the product, sustainability and the distribution options that we as AAKO offer you.