Meet Sales Executive Alicia Broek

Our team is growing with colleagues who have years of experience. And also with young talents who have just finished school. Alicia Broek is a good example. She is our youngest Sales Executive with quite an enthusiasm. Have you met her yet?

Alicia attended the TMO Fashion Business School. It was a business education, focused on fashion. Not comparable to the industry in which she now works, but the business-related aspects have enough in common that she can now apply them.

Sales Executive
Alicia says: “As a Sales Executive, I am involved in projects from purchase to delivery. So from the moment the customer requests a quotation until it is delivered. I create the purchase and sales orders, make sure that the logistics are taken care of, calculate the sales prices and have contact with warehouses. Social, organizational and challenging are words that describe my work.”

A lot of responsibility
“I’m still young and don’t have many years of experience yet, but I have a lot of responsibilities. Every day is different, I don’t have to make plans because there is always a rush job to be done. But because of that, I also learn something new every day! About the raw materials we buy from our suppliers, for example. About how I can organize transport even more cleverly, especially these days when we have to deal with delivery and transport problems in the international ports. In short: I still have plenty to learn at this inspiring company in Leusden!”

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