Meet Edgar Kuthe

Our Sun Care team has a new Sales and Marketing Manager. Please meet Mr. Edgar Kuthe. Maybe to this market segment a new kid on the block, but not really an industry rookie. After eight years of getting ‘chemistry minded’ at Rhône-Poulenc, Edgar chose for Chemical Excellence. For AAKO. In 1999 Edgar started on our department ‘Agri Export’ as sales and marketing expert Crop Protection Chemicals. A job which brought him to many countries and cultures, where Edgar could combine his agricultural knowledge and cross-cultural skills.

In twenty years, his department evolved into CROPP and Edgar emerged as a North Africa expert, with special focus and warm feelings for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan. A couple of months ago Edgar accepted a whole new challenge, changing his mindset from protecting crop to protecting skin. And speaking of challenges, when not at the office you can find Edgar running (long distances!), cycling (even longer distances!) or travelling (really long distances!). Meet our new Sales and Marketing Manager, meet Edgar Kuthe.

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