Meet AakoVit

AAKO would not be the company it is today without striving for optimization. Not only for us, but especially for you. We do not stop improving care products. Therefore, we would like to introduce AakoVit P75 and P100. Two forms of Panthenol just like you are used to, but disguised under our cloth of Chemical Excellence.

A product that can be used as a good moisturizer, in hair care or to soothe inflammation and irritation of the skin. A perfect match with vegan products also. An all-round substance, yet with just one goal: to make ‘better’. Because that is important to us. To be better. To take care of things. In the form of improved service and logistics and the spread of risk levels. Because excellence is not achieved without improvement. Chemical excellence is not achieved without better products. Meet AakoVit. Meet Chemical Excellence.