Expansion Sun Care team

With great pleasure we like to inform you that the following two colleagues have joined our SUN CARE department recently.

  1. Renata Stankevic
  2. Christophe Sedlak

Mrs. Renata Stankevic has started in the position of sales executive as per 1st of August 2019.

Renata has been working for several companies in similar positions and we’re happy she made her decision to work for AAKO.

Renata can be reached as follows:

@: r.stankevic@aako.nl

T: +31-334453128


Mr. Christophe Sedlak has started the position of Sales Manager as per 1st of September 2019.

Christophe has been working for several multinational companies such as Arizona Chemical and Rohm and Haas.

He has a lot of experience from the Chemicals sector in general and in particular from the Cosmetic and personal Care segment.

We are fully convinced that Christophe will soon be integrated and accustomed to his different tasks and activities.

Christophe can be reached as follows:

@: c.sedlak@aako.nl

T: +31-334453112

M: +33-785852922

On behalf of the entire Sun Care team, we wish both of them a lot of success.