Epolin’s solutions for Laser Safety Eyewear

Epolin is AAKO’s supplier of Epolight™ dyes and Luminate™ polycarbonate pellets for Manufacturers of Laser Protective Eyewear.


Laser pens can distract pilots and law enforcement personnel while causing temporary or permanent eye damage.  Individual citizens and government agencies are purchasing more high-quality laser protective eyewear than ever before.  When offering laser protective eyewear one should keep these four vital factors in mind:


  1. Red, blue and green colored laser pens are universally available for purchase.  Laser protective eyewear protects the individual by absorbing or blocking the emission wavelength of the laser.
  2. Consider whether you want to absorb one or more of the three laser colors with your eyewear.  We can help you choose the right formulation.
  3. The laser protective eyewear should also provide the highest visible light transmittance during the day and night.  Deliver the right amount of laser protection without impeding the wearer’s vision.
  4. No one wants to lose their eyesight. Consider choosing a high-quality laser absorbing material from a well-established, technical-leading company such as Epolin.



Since 1983 Epolin has produced the highest quality materials to meet laser protective eyewear manufacturer needs, with either Epolight™ dyes or Luminate™ pellets.


Our technical team is available to discuss your specific laser absorbing requirements or any other questions regarding laser protective eyewear. To learn more about these materials for the European market, contact us: coatings@aako.nl



Epolin, founded in 1983, is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds. Our materials add premium performance for laser & welding eyewear, light filters, touchscreens, night vision products, sensors, LiDAR, security inks, etc. In addition to its location in the US and AAKO as its partner in Europe, Epolin has offices in Japan (Nippon Intermediate Co., Ltd., Email: koa@sepia.ocn.ne.jp), and China (Sun & Bright Industrial Ltd., Website: www.sbindustrial.cn). Epolin is now a division of Chroma Color Corporation. https://www.epolin.com/