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KvK 31009627

Genapol LRO Liquid

CAS number:
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
EINECS number:
Non Governmental organization

General description

Ethoxylation of C12/14 natural fatty alcohol with ethylene oxide. Sulphation with SO3 and neutralisation with NaOH.

Genapol LRO has a very good grease and soil dispersing capacity. Excellent cleansing action is achieved by combining this product with a strong wetting agent such as an alkylaryl sulphonate or a secondary alkane sulphonate.

Genapol LRO is miscible with anionic and nonionic surfactants. Shampoos with very good skin tolerability can be produced by combining Genapol LRO with mild Co-Surfactants. The feel, lustre and manageability of the hair are markedly improved. It is also possible to incorporate raw materials with pearl and silk lustre effects.


Foaming power
Genapol LRO is one of the most effective foaming agents. Especially in highly diluted aqueous solutions its foaming properties are unsurpassed. The foaming properties in hard water are particularly noteworthy because the hardness constituents of water are known to lower the foam volume and especially the foam stability of most known foaming agents.

Lime soap dispersing capacity
Because of its excellent lime soap dispersing capacity Genapol LRO is preferred for the manufacture of bubble bath preparations. If the use in hard water is unavoidable in the manufacture of bubble bath preparations, a light film of dispersed lime soaps may form in the end product. Our Aquamollin grades are recommended as complexing agents under these conditions.

Viscosity behaviour
One of the most remarkable characteristics of this type of surfactants is its rheological behaviour. Aqueous solutions of salt-free ether sulphates have only very low viscosity which strongly increases if a small amount of electrolyte is added. Alkylether sulphate solutions of 28 % strength and an initial viscosity of about 100 mPa s can be thickened to viscosity values of more than 200000 mPa s by an addition of about 5 % sodium chloride. With an addition of electrolytes aqueous solutions containing 10 % synthetic active agent attain viscosities of more than 20000 mPa s. This allows solutions with low synthetic active agent concentrations but having high viscosities to be produced. The increase in viscosity with increasing electrolyte concentration up to viscosity maximum is characteristic of the behaviour of ether sulphates. Further addition of electrolyte than results in a decrease in viscosity.

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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