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JM Acticare

CAS number:
Silver Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Diethylsodium Sulfosuccinate, Propylene Glycol
EINECS number:
Preservative / Biocide
Non Governmental organization

General description

Preservative blend consisting of Silver Chloride deposited on Titanium Dioxide in a liquid base of Propylene Glycol, surfactant and water.

Mode of Action
Although silver ions are readily available and mobile, due to their totally polar nature, they are less effective penetrating the non- polar cell walls of yeast and moulds. For this reason JM ActiCare® has been formulated with a sulphosuccinate salt which is able to change the permeability of a microbial cell wall allowing the silver ions to penetrate, thereby improving their efficacy against these organisms.

The release of silver ions on demand
The method for the controlled release of silver ions is described as follows:
1. Particles are exposed to an aqueous medium.
2. The saturated solution is rapidly created within the confines of the titania particles.
3. A concentration gradient is established.
4. From the particles comes a diffusion of silver ions which creates a silver ion equilibrium with the sur-rounding environment.
5. Silver ions will interact destructively with microbial cells present in the medium and are withdrawn from the equilibrium.
6. Further silver ions are replaced from the titania par-ticles that are encapsulated in the saturated solution thus re-establishing the equilibrium.
Therefore the level of silver release has a direct correlation to demand - Silver ions will only be released when they are required to re-establish the equilibrium. The final concentration of silver ions in equilibrium depends upon the ionic strength of the surrounding medium. In deionised water it would be 20 - 40 ppb while in saline it would be 2 – 4 ppm. 100 to 200 ppb is typical in cosmetic formulations. The time needed for JM ActiCar® to reach the equilibrium level of silver ions will be in the region of 3 to 6 hours, subject to the other ingredients in a formulation and the extent of microbial contamination.


JM ActiCare® is a uniquely stable, safe and broadspectrum preservative suitable for the preservation of most types of Personal Care products providing an extremely versatile and cost effective antimicrobial system. The activity derives from a revolutionary inorganic composite which allows a slow release of antimicrobial silver ions. JM ActiCare® is composed of a patented silver chloride/ titanium dioxide composite suspended and potentiated by a sulphosuccinate salt.

Typical use concentrations of JM ActiCare® are:
Foam baths 500- 1000 ppm
Shampoos and conditioners 500- 1000 ppm
Creams and Lotions 1000- 1800 ppm
Sunscreens 1000- 1800 ppm
Foundations and colour cosmetics 500- 1000 ppm
JM ActiCare® provides activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts and moulds.
JM ActiCare® is compatible with a wide range of cos-metic ingredients.
JM ActiCare® is not suitable for use in very low viscos-ity single phase liquid systems or clear systems or sys-tems containg strong cationic surfactants or reducing agents. Although JM ActiCare® is recommended as a stand alone preservative for cosmetic products, som-formulators prefer to use a combination of several preservatives. JM ActiCare® has been tested and found to be compatible with the following; Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Isothiazolinone, Bronopol.

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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