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KvK 31009627

Coriagen CR2 New

CAS number:
Product type
Leather agents

General description

Polyphosphate middle chain-lenght

Appearance white fine agglomerate, hygroscopic


CORIAGEN CR II new has a good sequestering capacity toward earth-alkali ions and heavymetal ions. Its dispersing capacity is sufficient to keep the calcium hydroxide in the lime liquor suspended. After liming, a rinsing bath with CORIAGEN CR II new prevents the formation of lime blasts.

When depickling with CORIAGEN CR II new, the acid contained in the pelts is exchanged for polyphosphoric acids, which have tanning properties and prevent swelling. The pelts can therefore be rinsed afterwards without the risk of any swelling. The use of salt for depickling is superfluous.

The CORIAGEN CR II new bound by the leather fibre consolidates the fibre structure and counteracts loose grain structure or veins. A fine velvet-like nap is obtained on buffing. The chrome absorption and the fullness of the leather are increased. Simultaneously, CORIAGEN CR II new facilitates the removal of the natural grease and prevents the formation of greasy marks and speckles during buffing.

CORIAGEN CR II new has a high complexing affinity for chromium, resulting in a strong masking action. When used in chrome tanning, it consolidates the fibre structure of the hides and skins, which is of particular importance in the presence of defects in the raw material, such as empty flanks, loose grain, veins etc. Chrome leather prepared with CORIAGEN CR II new possesses fullness, a smooth and tight grain, as well as excellent mechanical properties.
Loose grains in sheep leather are largely reduced by the use of CORIAGEN CR II new; suede leather obtains a fine velvet-like nap. Grease stains are prevented on buffing. With CORIAGEN CR II new, a poorer class of raw material may be converted into leather of satisfactory quality.

CORIAGEN CR II new increases the absorption of chromium considerably and thus reduces the chromium content of tannery effluent.

The effect of CORIAGEN CR II new after chrome tanning is principally based upon deacidification by the displacement of the hydrolyzable acid residue by the polyphosphoric acids with complexing action, rather than on the neutralization of the free acid. As a result of this deacidification process, a mild and uniform neutralizing effect is obtained. Because of its high affinity for chromium, CORIAGEN CR II new is almost completely uptaken by the leather.

CORIAGEN CR II new has an anionic character and reduces the positive charge of chrometanned leather. The spontaneous appearance of vegetable or synthetic tanning agents on the surface is retarded and coarsening or cracking of the grain prevented; penetration of the tanning agents into the leather core is facilitated. For the same reason, CORIAGEN CR II new acts as a levelling agent when used in dyeing processes with acid and substantive dyes. The product promotes the penetration of fat substances and the portion of neutral oil can be increased and the total amount of fat reduced.

Neutralizing of the leather with CORIAGEN CR II new considerably enhances the absorption of cationic substances, such as basic chromium and aluminium salts. This, in turn, improves the fullness of the leather and reduces the chromium content in the tannery effluent.

Leather retanned with CORIAGEN CR II new improves the fullness and gives suede leather a fine, velvet-like nap.

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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