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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
KvK 31009627


Active ingredient
Apple, Banana, Canola, Citrus, Cotton, French bean, Fruit trees, Grape, Green house crops, Leguminous, Lucerne, Palm tree, Pear, Stone fruit, Strawberry, Sugarcane, Tomato, Vegetables
African bollworm, Aphids, Apple dimpling bug, Banana rust thrips, Banana weevil borer, Blue oat mite, Brown pasture looper, Bryobria mite, Carpophilus beetle, Codling moth, Corn earworm, False wireworm, Fig longicorn, Green mirid, Late blight, Broad mites, Longtailed mealybug, Mites, Native budworm, Pasture webworm, Redlegged earth mite, Strawberry spider mite, Sugarcane wireworm, Tomato russet mite, Two-spotted mite, Vegetable weevil, White fly

Trade names and formulations

Trade name Content of a.i.(s) Type of formulation SDS label
SINSS 100 EC 100 g/l EC


Chemical family: Pyrethroid
Penetration: Non systemic
Migration: Contact / Stomach

Mode of action

Sodium chanel modulators


Crop Target
(common name)
(latin name)
Indicative rate of
application (a.i.)
AppleCodling MothCydia pomonella3-5 g/hl
Two-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae3-5 g/hl
BananaBanana Rust ThripsChaetanaphothrips signipennis25-33 g/hl
Banana Weevil BorerCosmopolites sordidus25-33 g/hl
Strawberry Spider MiteTetranychus lambi4 g/hl
CanolaVegetable WeevilListroderes difficils10-20 g/ha
CitrusLeafeating WeevilEutinophaea bicristata0,6-2,5 g/tree
White FlyDialeurodes citri2,5 g/hl
CottonAfrican Bollworm (ABW)Helicoverpa armigera60-80 g/ha
Apple Dimpling BugCampylomma liebknechti60-80 g/ha
False WirewormPterohlaeus alternatus37,5 g/ha
Green MiridCreontiades dilutus60-80 g/ha
Native BudwormHelicoverpa punctigera60-80 g/ha
Sugarcane WirewormAgrypnus variabilis37,5 g/ha
Two-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae60-80 g/ha
French beanTwo-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae4 g/hl
Fruit treesAphids/2 g/hl
GrapeFig LongicornAcalotepta vastator100 g/hl
Jassids/4 g/hl
Green house cropsAphids/2 g/hl
LeguminousBlue Oat MitePenthaleus major10 g/ha
Brown Pasture LooperCiampa arietaria5-10 g/ha
Bryobria MiteBryobia spp.20 g/ha
Pasture WebwormHednota spp.10 g/ha
Redlegged Earth MiteHalotydeus destructor5-10 g/ha
LucerneNative BudwormHelicoverpa punctigera40-60 g/ha
Palm treeMites/4 g/hl
PearLongtailed MealybugPseudococcus longispinus2,5 g/hl
Stone fruitsCarpophilus BeetleCarpophilus spp.5 g/hl
StrawberryTwo-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae4 g/hl
Sugar caneSugarcane WirewormAgrypnus spp.37,5 g/ha
TomatoCorn EarwormHelicoverpa armigera4-6 g/hl
Native BudwormHelicoverpa punctigera4-6 g/hl
Tomato Russet MiteAculops lycopersici4-6 g/hl
Two-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae4-6 g/hl
VegetablesTwo-spotted MiteTetranychus urticae4 g/hl


Check specific product data on the label


Compatible with other pesticides except alkaline material. However, as formulations of other manufacturer’s products are beyond the control of AAKO, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities.


Not phytotoxic when used as recommended

Resistance prevention or management


Re-entry period

24 h after application

Every pesticide can be harmful to humans and the environment as long as they are not handled properly. It is advised to read carefully the label and to strictly follow the instructions.

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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