Cobiosa joins forces with AAKO

An ethical high-quality cosmetic supplier. That’s Cobiosa. Ethical work with people, with products and with the environment. For over 45 years they developed and manufactured the most effective active ingredients for skin and hair care cosmetic treatments – from their factory at Collado Villalba. Fulfilling the needs of the most prestigious cosmetic companies. With performance actives, formulation and product development. In more than 40 countries.

Cobiosa has an extensive number of effective formulations ready to be produced. The cosmetic supplier has a large catalogue of products, but also develops custom made products. Following the needs of the customer. And taking all required steps to obtain a reliable, stable, novel and efficient cosmetic treatment. Because of their long practice with multinational companies, the staff of Cobiosa has an excellent knowledge of production, marketing and organisation of their business. They’re specialists. At the extraction of natural active ingredients. And especially in Botanical Extracts from the Andean region.

To assure a constant high quality, Cobiosa runs all manufacturing. Within the organisation, strict methodologies need to be followed if it comes to quality and security. Cobiosa has a specific laboratory, for microbiological control of all raw materials. And a complex laboratory, for the control and analysis of finished products. Also, their industrial installations for extraction, purification, centrifugation and filtration are designed for the perfect and efficient production of the active ingredients. For the very best ethical cosmetic treatments. That’s for sure.

There is much more to discover. Just call us at +31 (0)33 494 84 94 or email us at We will gladly provide you with further information.