Your future is bright.

Alarming shortage of CBS-X.

A shortage of brighteners is imminent. AAKO has ample inventory and access to production of CBS-X. Guarantee your own undisrupted supply of this vital raw material for detergents. And avoid the expected short-term rise in prices.

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Recently we have distributed CBS-X forecast codes to all stakeholders in the detergent market. Haven’t you received a code yet? Request it here.

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The latest CBS-X news available in the palm of your hands?

Global CBS-X production has declined dramatically these past months for all kinds of reasons. Causing the price to skyrocket. We at AAKO have been confronted with this too, although we have fortunately selected our suppliers very carefully and therefore have plenty of available stock. We certainly cannot predict your future, but we can keep you thoroughly up-to-date on all the latest market developments. We do this with our WhatsApp newsletter. Would you like all the latest CBS-X news available in the palm of your hand?

+31 (0)6 29 90 06 81

Signing up is easy; just add the above number to your WhatsApp contact list. Save the number under the name ‘AAKO detergents’ and send 'start'. You will then be the first to receive the most recent news about the CBS-X crisis.

Since 1945

AAKO was at the cradle of the development of CBS-X in all forms over the past years. Together with multinationals, AAKO has acquired the right knowledge and experience for every application of CBS-X. Whether it be hot, cold, powder, liquid or pods. 

Don't sit
and wait.

Despite all its CBS-X expertise, AAKO is constantly searching for supplements to CBS-X. That is why we are currently testing the use of soil release polymer (SRP) and Phophonates to supplement CBS-X in detergents. The first test results are startling and favourable.

Reliable sourcing and supply.

With a deep and constantly growing portfolio of chemical raw materials for detergents, AAKO has now become one of the most reliable parties for producers. Not only for advice and expertise, but also for reliable sourcing, production and supply. 

Chemical excellence.

A carefully considered market approach with corresponding products, long-term relations with a worldwide production network and a sophisticated product portfolio spread across specialised branch teams ensures that AAKO is the most comprehensive distributor of CBS-X.

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Dominique Willaert
Sales and Marketing Manager