Anticipating the developments within the Sun Care Market

The sun is shining! That means the sunscreen season for retailers and consumers is in full swing. Getting sunscreen in time in the shops require a good planning. This year even more than other years due to the persistent shortages of products, Corona and the related logistic problems. AAKO and its customers and suppliers are now working on the planning to get the sunscreen products in time at the shops for summer 2023. A great example of Chemical Excellence!

We are proud that we have the trust of customers, that they want to plan so far ahead with us. That we can organize large volumes, just like in other years, regardless of the existing uncertainties. That gives us the confidence to show even more than usual why we promise Chemical Excellence.

We are delighted to spar with you
Would you like to know more about AAKO and the cooperation with our customers and suppliers? Our role as steward, but also as a sparring partner for our customers? Please contact Edgar Kuthe, Department Director at AAKO Sun Care.