An important point of attention within AAKO: sustainability

The world is changing, the sustainability ambition of all of us is becoming more powerful. Ours too, of course we don’t stay behind. The Corona period in which we all worked at home made us realize even more what our contribution to sustainability can be. How we depend on the earth on which we live and work.

For example, like everyone else, we have not or hardly traveled during the Corona period, we are still not at the level before Corona. Online consultations with international relations have partly replaced travel. On the other hand, we are now working for a large part in the office again, but that is not the same as before. We save so many miles from home to the office. Finally, the train is increasingly being considered as an alternative to the plane.

Regulatory affairs
But sustainability goes further than just practical matters. Sustainable lunches and FSC certified paper are easy to achieve, but we work in the chemical sector where sustainability can make a big difference. We have colleagues who are committed to this every day. Suryn de Jager for example; our Regulatory Affairs Manager. She and her team advise customers and manufacturers about REACH, the European Chemical Legislation. Its main purpose is to ensure a high level of protection of health and the environment against chemical hazards. Suryn and her team also advise on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which provide information on the properties and safe use of a chemical substance or mixture. It enables users of the chemical to take necessary measures to protect human health, safety and the environment.

Our ambition
We are delighted to tell you about our sustainability ambition. How we take this seriously down to the finesse of our work. We are even a bit of a perfectionist in this and we like to work with customers, suppliers and colleagues who share this ambition with us. As a customer, would you like to know more about sustainability within AAKO? Or are you looking for a job in the chemical sector and are you, like us, focused on safety, environment and health? We look forward to meeting you!