AAKO Sun Care; we care for protection

Today is “Sunscreen Day”.  As sun power has increased enormously in recent years it is good to reflect on the importance of protecting your skin. At AAKO we are convinced that a high-quality sunscreen product with a good UV-filter is indispensable. Let that exactly be a market in which we have built up extensive knowledge since 1945. Over the last few years, AAKO has rapidly become a big player in the sun care market, offering all relevant UV-filters. We understand and support consumer protection laws and we stay up to date with ever-evolving regulations; because our goal is to manufacture safe and reliable products.

With our range of UV-filters and UV-related ingredients we provide a complete package for the formulations of sunscreens with organic UV-filters, Inorganic UV-filters and auxiliary raw materials. The UV-filters are there to absorb, reflect, scatter and block ultraviolet radiation. The degree to which these UV-filters protect depends on the composition of ingredients. We know all about that!

More than just for sunscreen
Our UV-filters are not only used in sunscreen products. They are also formulated into personal care products to protect skin and hair from the damaging effects of sunlight. Additionally they are used as stabilizers, to protect the integrity of a finished product (color and fragrance).

Reliability is our top priority
At AAKO we know all (unwritten) rules in the sun care industry. These are leading in our services; we are extremely careful with all procedures. To ensure reliability of these procedures we have a specific in-house regulatory department. In addition, stock reliability is just as important to our customer. We keep them well informed, our stock is digitalised professionally. Ready to share, accompanied by smart sampling procedures and professional assistance with testing and R&D. Our own people can help our customers formulate.

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities? Or perhaps you want to know more about the UV filters from our range? Feel free to contact us at info@aako.nl.