AAKO reaches a high score on responsible care

We have said before that we like to learn from our colleagues in the chemical industry. That is why we are affiliated with the VHCP (Association of Traders in Chemical Products). She represents the interests of Dutch companies engaged in the trade and distribution of chemical products. In doing so, it is committed to increasing safety for people and the environment and ensure a favorable business climate. Joining VHCP ensures that we can optimize our services even better for both our customers and suppliers.

Responsible Care (RC) is a distinguishing factor for the VHCP. As a sector in the middle of the chemical supply chain, it is of great importance that VHCP members can also be recognized by their suppliers and customers as stewards who consider RC of paramount importance. In order to give more substance to the implementation of the RC principles, the VHCP has decided that all members must have this verified by a third party once every three years.

Third Party Verification (TPV)
AAKO demonstrates every three years with a TPV, that we comply with the obligations arising from the RC program globally implemented by the chemical industry. This means that a certifying institution indicates in an audit/statement that the relevant VHCP member, AAKO in this case, honor commitments with regards to the RC principals.

Score of 100%
The VHCP uses a barometer with a maximum score of 100% to measure progress in Responsible Care. AAKO is proud that we have once again achieved a 100% score on the barometer this year. For us this is a confirmation that we have the right focus on RC. We therefore hope that we transfer our enthusiasm to our relations. Working together on this, we take it a step further together: to create a better world we need to put our hearts and minds to it and focus on continuous improvement.

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