A new commercial employee at AAKO: Lynette Batta

Since a month we have expanded our team with a commercial employee in the Industrial Chemicals department: Lynette Batta. A colleague with extensive commercial knowledge and above all enthusiasm for her new role within AAKO!

After her education in International Business and Languages ​​at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Lynette worked at a number of large companies as a commercial employee and coach for new employees. An instructive period, but the work did not match her education and interests. Something that fits well with AAKO!

AAKO Detergents

Lynette works for the Industrial Chemicals department; detergents. As a commercial employee, she has many responsibilities and is committed to both purchasing and sales. She has a lot of contact with suppliers and clients, often abroad. A welcome addition with her extensive language skills. When you speak Spanish with a Spanish supplier, this always benefits the relationship, is her experience! It is no obstacle that chemical knowledge is still growing every day. After all, it is acquired during work, trained by colleagues who do have this chemical knowledge. Lynette: “In this way we strengthen each other as a team within AAKO and perhaps that mutual involvement of colleagues is even more important than the work itself!”

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