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Aako BV
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General description

Alcloxa, a complex of Allantoin and Aluminium-hydroxychloride, combines the benefits of both ingredients in an excellent manner. The therapeutical balance of healing, soothing and anti-irritant effect of Allantoin with astringent properties of Aluminiumhydroxychloride opens a wide field of applications in cosmetic for-mulations.
Alcloxa is known from wide experience to be harmless in long-term use. Also the non-irritating and non-sensitising properties have been shown in several investigations.

Several clinical studies show the efficacy of Alcloxa as anti-acne ingredient and its use in soothing and anti-perspirant or deodorant formulations.
Despite the proven absence of any irritant effect by the stated base materials, dermatological trials should therefore be carried out to establish beyond doubt that no skin irritation is likely to be caused by the combination of products, each of which is in itself non-irritant before a product is marketed.


Alcloxa, leaving noncrystalline and nonsticky films, is used in perspiration-reducing preparations in various forms like powder-sprays or suspension-sprays, emulsions in roll-on containers or sticks. Alcloxa can also be incorporated in skin lotions, skin creams and shaving lotions.

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Aako BV
P.O. Box 205
3830 AE Leusden
The Netherlands
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